Washing hands – our new favourite pastime!

So that everyone can participate, we’ve made an aided language display to go with our now most frequent daily activity.

Wash your hands aided language display AAC disability

There are already lots of visual supports available for the sequence of hand washing, and we’ve been using the WHO How_To_HandWash_Poster but many people are adapting this. It’s impossible to list all of the options here so pick your favourite or type ‘hand washing poster’ into your browser and find one that best suits your needs. 

Here is a video link for the washing hands procedure in full  https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=71&v=3PmVJQUCm4E&feature=emb_title

This aided language display is designed to go alongside a hand washing poster so that you can talk about it before, after and during the process. We’ve added some song choice buttons so that you can opt to sing Happy Birthday or add in a couple of your own favourite songs before you laminate the board. 

Some example phrases might be:

Your turn / My turn to wash

Uh-ohdo it again

Uh-ohslow down. Wash  the germs away.

Uh-oh. More soap.

Great washing. Time to dry.

Not clean yet. Keep going.

Let’s wash and sing Happy Birthday (or insert different song).


Of course we recommend laminating the board and implementing routine cleaning processes as well when using the board. It might seem easier not to have one that you have to keep clean, but it’s only easier if you can speak and understand spoken language!

Click here to download a pdf of the hand washing ALD

If you use this board, please share with us your suggestions, and if you are after more resources, activities and online training, sign up to the TWS facebook page or mailing list as we are getting set up for all kinds of cool online resources in the next week.

Also, if you haven’t seen it yet, please check out our Talking to kids about Coronavirus resource and blog post.

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